Working Method To Cashout Dumps (USA)

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    1. buy dumps

    2. encode plastic

    3. go to a store that sells prepaid visa gift cards grab a prepaid visa or mastercard

    4. make sure the store has the self swipe credit card terminal so you swipe the card yourself)

    5. purchase prepaid visa or mastercard gift card

    6. walk out store

    7. go to another store that sells money orders and will allow you to pay via DEBIT for a money order

    8. buy money order using your prepaid visa/mastercard gift cards, they will allow wyou to split the order and pay with multiple gift cards (usually up to 4 cards) you will need to have set PIN numbers to use as debit on the cards you have purchased ie: the pre paid visa cards you just purchased with the dump.

    9. get money order and leave store

    10. go cash money order at local check cashing store or even by returning to a similar store as the one your purchased it at. for instance if you purchased the money order at walmart , walmart will cash their own money orders...

    Any help about dumps and online carding, PM me or leave comments bellow and I will respond always!!!
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    thanks bro this was amazing. a good friend of mine was showing and telling me about this before he left back to Africa. could you pm me or respond i would love to know more.
  3. Dawson johnson

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    You know any good Dump Sites you can recommend..?
  4. Travis

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    Thanks for this, any good dump site

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