Wallmart Carding Tutorial 100% Working -NEW-

Discussion in 'Carding Tutorials' started by Proxy, Jul 2, 2017.

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    well here we go,have you ever thought of carding any item from walmart?well its very very easy...

    you need :

    an old walmart account(not hacked,should be ur own old acct used sometime ago}
    but if u have an old walmart account with email access you can use it as well,

    2} ccv
    3}socks escort/rdp any state doesnt matter and not necessary to match drop or cc state

    4} usa drop

    well so after you have all this tools..
    you go to walmart and login to your old account

    you add any item of your choice to the cart
    you choose whether to ship to home or pickup from store,

    now when u get to payment method,,add your new cc to the account and make the payment,wait for 5-10 mins and ur item will be ready for pickup,, for ship to home the item will ship the next day..

    here re a few bins that actually work on walmart always for me..
    u can also kill the cc immediately ur order goes through on walmart,ur item will still ship or be ready for pickup,,i have done this myself several times...

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    can you please give me a good site that will give me the next 6 numbers that will really be legit and working for actual banks? I mean I habe an app that I use to generate the last 4 #s with but it will only fill in 4 #s, it won't do any more than 4. but the sites I've used in the past I didn't seem to actually get anything from them that I would get any approved #s from. idk. just seemed like maybe the 6 #s after the bin that they would give me wouldn't be good or something. anyways, would really appreciate if you would recommend a site that you feel it's best for getting the #s that follow after the first 6. please and thank you

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