Verified Staff Needed For Blacknetworld

Discussion in 'Apply For Staff Here' started by Proxy, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. Proxy

    Proxy Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    1. Hello Members,

      We are searching for honest and legitimate verified vendors,Moderators,Super Moderators,Developers and hackers. Interested persons can reply to this thread with following information :-

      Experience In carding and Hacking and spamming
  2. SkyCod

    SkyCod DWM MEMBER Member

    Skycod's Moderator Application
    -I usually live in canada but i'm currently on vacation visiting family on morocco
    -All the way from Php & c++ coding to Dumps, Cracked accounts and carding occasionally but i'm good at taking care of communities no matter how big it is
    Experience In carding and Hacking and spamming
    -I have over 300 collection of carding methods ready to share, as long with a low experience on spamming and great level on Back-end hacking injection

  3. Blaq

    Blaq DWM MEMBER Member

    Am Interested
  4. Blaq

    Blaq DWM MEMBER Member

    Age; 26
    Spciality;Am not a Hacker,but i wanna know
  5. babygap

    babygap DWM MEMBER Member

    Name- brat
    No specialty but 6 years experience cashing cards etc..... good dead drop addy as well.
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  6. Harry

    Harry DWM MEMBER Member

    I want to be a staff
    Tell me want to do next.
  7. Metroweb60

    Metroweb60 DWM MEMBER Member

    Name : Anthony
    Age : 20
    Country : US
    Specialty : I’ve Used CC cash out methods never really hacked. But would be willing to learn how to and I pick up fast so time wouldn’t be a problem if you seem interested in hiring me reply and I’ll contact you from my private email
  8. Iam That Iam

    Iam That Iam DWM MEMBER Member

    Name: Dennis
    Age: 27
    Country: Ghana
    Speciality: Excellent communication skills and management of forums. Very tech-savvy and interested in learning to hack as well.
  9. hellboy

    hellboy DWM MEMBER Member

    I am dheeraj
    Age 29
    Country India
    Speciality I have a team of 43 people who are ready to take transfer in their bank account and then they buy btc from local Bitcoin and send btc in address they are using their own real identity on local Bitcoin and bank account they help me in cleaning the money and money laundering
  10. GhostCardinho

    GhostCardinho DWM MEMBER Member

    Are you still hiring please??

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