The Hawk is truely amazing

Discussion in 'Feedback About Trusted Sellers' started by Brianm, Jun 5, 2018.

  1. Brianm

    Brianm DWM MEMBER Member

    So far i have bought western union from him 3 times and i can say he is the best thing ever happened to me,no longer in debt and am enjoying my life
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  2. Jayson Patrick Perez

    Jayson Patrick Perez DWM MEMBER Member

    Hey,. I am new here. Maybe you can show me your transactions with him?
  3. Ca$hmullah

    Ca$hmullah DWM MEMBER Member

    Yes he is my guy too
  4. Frank2019

    Frank2019 DWM MEMBER Member

    I bought from him
    He is the real deal
  5. keykeymex

    keykeymex DWM MEMBER Member

    Yeah he is dope last year I also bought from him
  6. Delirious10

    Delirious10 DWM MEMBER Member

    he is the real plug
  7. torman

    torman DWM MEMBER Member

    I heard he is real
  8. stanstar

    stanstar DWM MEMBER Member

    Can anyone shoe transactions?
  9. iceman90

    iceman90 DWM MEMBER Member

    Im about to buy western union from him I will tell u all about it
  10. electricmoney

    electricmoney DWM MEMBER Member

    Did it work for you?
  11. iceman90

    iceman90 DWM MEMBER Member

    Oh yah it did but I was so afraid though all went well
  12. electricmoney

    electricmoney DWM MEMBER Member

    You think will be a regular thing. I recon I'm going to try it then.
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  13. dayday

    dayday DWM MEMBER Member

    is it really for real i got burnts so many times
  14. realpersontobelieve

    realpersontobelieve DWM MEMBER Member

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  15. godofwar

    godofwar DWM MEMBER Member

    hey brian can u show proof you bought from him
  16. Taogapar

    Taogapar DWM MEMBER Member

    I will give my feedback when I receive the cash app.
  17. GlennFalk

    GlennFalk DWM MEMBER Member

    I have paid for cash app transfer let me see how it will go.
  18. Kim

    Kim DWM MEMBER Member

    How did it go?
  19. Kim

    Kim DWM MEMBER Member

    And proof?let us know

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