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  1. Kim

    Kim DWM MEMBER Member

    Anybody is this guy legit ? And do you do skrill transfers?
  2. Kim

    Kim DWM MEMBER Member

    Do you still do western union transfers and what the lowest you could do for a newbie
  3. thanhle123

    thanhle123 DWM MEMBER Member

    I am very satisfied,l with the western Union,You do a great job ... $200 for $1500 wow upload_2021-1-7_10-43-41.gif superb Job.
  4. zakarya

    zakarya DWM MEMBER Member

    Can I get any USA bank log with amount between 5-10k?
  5. baotp1233

    baotp1233 DWM MEMBER Member

    This really good
    You are the best/
  6. Brandondox

    Brandondox DWM MEMBER Member

    Awesome I have seen good reviews of your work and I would like to make my first purchase for western union.
  7. Brandondox

    Brandondox DWM MEMBER Member

    Greenberg is an amazing seller the deal went well without delay.I cashed out with no issues.
    I’m of his happy customer.
  8. Kellybanks

    Kellybanks DWM MEMBER Member

    Are you still doing bank transfer?
  9. Greenberg

    Greenberg TRUSTED SELLER Verified Seller

    I’m still doing bank transfer
    GET ME ON: [email protected]
    Or ICQ: 702201118

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