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    All my Transfers are done using my own offshore servers and Accounts so you have Nothing to worry about.
    Information Needed For Western Union Transfer
    First and Last Name
    Recipients City
    Recipients Country
    Transferring Western Union all over the world and it takes 30minutes - 1hour to get MTCN and sender's details. All my Transfers are processed Immediately payment has been Confirmed. You Can Pick Up Funds From Any Western union Store in Your Location.
    My Terms and Conditions are Simple
    I do not sell fake WU BUG SOFTWARE or MTCN Generator
    I Don't give Test|Trial Transfers
    I don't do Percentages.

    Western Union Transfer
    $1,000 =$150
    $1,500 =$200
    $2,000 = $250
    $3,000 = $350
    $4,000 = $450
    $5,000 = $550
    $6,000 = $650
    $7,000 = $750
    $8,000 = $850
    $9,000 = $950

    About Bank Login for sale :
    You tell me what bank login you need and balance and if its available i will tell and tell you price.
    - I am not a kid and not here to play this is Strictly business.

    - Account with balance 1000 = $100
    - Account with balance 5000 = $400
    - Account with balance 9000 = $700
    - Account with balance 16,000 =$1000
    - Account with balance 25,000 =$1500
    Balance in Chase------- 70k to 155k
    Balance in Washovia---------24k to 80k
    Balance in BOA---------75k to 450k
    Balance in Credit Union---------Any Amount
    Balance in Halifax---------Any amount
    Balance in Compass---------Any Amount
    Balance in Wells Fargo---------Any Amount
    Balance in Barclays---------80k to 100k
    Balance in Abbey--------- 82k
    Balance in HSBC---------24k to 80k
    Balance in Washovia.---------50k
    - You make payment to Escrow or directly to me and provide me with a Valid email ID
    -Then i would check the Bank Account you requested to buy and send you the login in 10 Minutes
    -All Information for the account would be Valid, Working Safely and quickly without delay
    -I will replace free of charge if account is not having the agreed amount or not working.

    Money transfer services to bank accounts worldwide :
    - With many years experience in research and my work with bank hacking,I hack bank accounts and transfer money from different banks to any account.

    Bank to bank Transfers to Any USA Bank ( HALIFAX, BOA, CHASE, Wells Fargo....)
    Bank to bank transfers to Any Uk bank ( Llyods TSB, BARCKAYS, Standard chartered, HSBC....)
    Bank to Bank transfers to Any Euro Country Bank ( Amount to pay depends onthe amount you want to
    * About Working and Safety:
    - I use the CVV Fullz to register account banks, or i use the hacked bank accounts to transfer money
    then i use them to send the money to your account. thus will avoid the case freeze your bank account and furthermore it is extremely safe.

    Price for Bank Transfer all countries:
    $150 = $1000
    $200 = $1500
    $300 = $2500
    $350 = $3000
    $500 = $4500
    $600 = $5500
    $800 = $7500
    $1650 = $16000
    $2550 = $25000

    Details Needed for Bank transfer :
    1: Account Number
    2: Iban Or Swift Code Or Routing Number Or Sort Code
    3: Name of the bank
    4: Account holder's name
    How can i get money from you ?
    - You will get the money in your account after you pay me.
    How long i will get the money into the account after i send the Payment?
    - Time to get the money in your account take about 1 hour - 2 hour after you send Payment.
    -Some banks take time and some banks do not take time.
    Where can i withdraw money in my account?
    - You can Withdraw the money Immediately after you get it in your account at any ATM if you have the card connect with your bank account.
    I could do this everyday?
    - I only do a maximum of 6 times per account, And time is 2 transfer / 1 account / 1 week.
    What country do you transfer money to?
    - Depending with the countries, if your country accepts direct money transfers from foreign accounts to your account.
    Regulations and Notes :
    - The Customer must pay 100% before working with me.
    - Please no beggars
    - You make a Payment to me or to escrow and give me your Bank Details + Valid email
    i will make transfer for you immediately without delay.
    - Transfer would be completed within - 2 hour, then your will get money in your bank account.

    For $1000 transfer = $150
    For $2000 Transfer = $250
    For $3500 Transfer = $400
    For $5000 Transfer = 550
    For $7000 Transfer = $750
    For $8000 Transfer = $850

    GET ME ON: [email protected]
    Or ICQ:702201118
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    hy work new?
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    today i made good money
    Thank u so much
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