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Discussion in 'Feedback About Trusted Sellers' started by Midnight4U, May 29, 2021.

  1. Midnight4U

    Midnight4U DWM MEMBER Member

    Hi everyone, on Monday I will try cardingqueen. First of all with WU in 3 different amounts .... low, middle and high. And after every transaction, I'm guaranteed to leave feedback for you guys! And every time I change the product or the provider afterwards, I will post a testimonial. Just so that we can all see together what is possible (or not) .... So, see you Monday;)
  2. Midnight4U

    Midnight4U DWM MEMBER Member

    So ... it's Monday and we're starting the first WU transfer. I'm going to ask Cardingqueen for their $ 1500 for $ 200 now.

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