I had best experience with The Hawk

Discussion in 'Feedback About Trusted Sellers' started by Gil90, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. Gil90

    Gil90 DWM MEMBER Member

    I bought western union from him few hours ago and it worked perfectly
    I will recommend more people to u
  2. Lilman

    Lilman DWM MEMBER Member

    I am about to bank transfer from him too
  3. Timerr

    Timerr DWM MEMBER Member

    That is confirmed,i have bought paypal account from him and it has $6,805 and i only paid him $500
  4. Joethug

    Joethug DWM MEMBER Member

    The hawk is the best of them all i have been his customer for more than a year and he has never let me down.

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