flipkart carding method

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    Flipkart Carding Method

    Ⓜ️ Requirements:--

    ▪️Cc Of Bin 450003 Or 450220
    ▪️Flipkart Verified Account (In Which Order Has Been Placed)

    Ⓜ️ Steps:--

    1. Connect Socks To Cc Owner City
    2. Change Name Of Flipkart Account To Cc Owner Name
    3. Choose Your Product And Add 2-3 More Products Add To Card
    4. Leave It For 15-20 Minutes
    5. Place Your Order Under 6k At COD And As It Ship Cancel It.
    6. Then Place Your Wish Of Product Under 20k
    7. Put Billing As Cc Owner Details And Shipping As Yours.
    8. Done.

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