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    Today I'll be teaching you how to check the balance of a card.

    First of all, you will need to download Skype.

    After that go to Bin Checker and check the bin of the card, for example I will use bin 558158.

    When you scroll down you should see a bank telephone number, in this case is +1-800-935-9935 (chase bank). Call this number from Skype (it's free since it's toll free) and the automatic robot will tell you to put your full card number and CVV. You will do that using the keypad from Skype. It will automatically tell you the balance of the card which is available.

    I have tested this for UK and USA and it's working perfectly!!!
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    I scrolled down and didn't see any phone
    I Scrolled down and didn't see any phone number
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    The Only Real Way to Check Credit Cards!!!
    So as we all know most sites, UNICC, Vault Market, even Feshop, etc. all have nifty little card checkers to check the card
    before, or after we buy it so that it is 'live' or has balance and will not be declined at the order payment for whatever site you are using. If you
    plan to use them... STOP! DONT USE THEM!!! Here is why! The checkers for all big name Card shops will kill your card! This is not 100% confirmed even though its happened to many of us and me personally, and if I were the stores admin I wouldn't admit it either. Hey, its bad for business.

    The reason being is that these checkers more often then not will get the checkers transaction flagged by the bank and the card will be killed. Simple. Its the same as trying a card and it not having enough balance, and then trying 5 more times at 5 more stores.

    So what is my solution?

    Check it using a donation site. Like the red cross, the american lung association, etc. Be sure to use a VPN or SOCK though as it still is an act of fraud.

    I never buy a card until I'm ready to order.

    I like to never keep cards in my storage at bulk levels. I buy the card and set up the cc holders email, clean SOCK5/RDP, etc. and do the order right as soon as I buy the card. If it gets declined I start over, but this time I check it and when it comes up as declined I get my refund. If the checker shows positive you have 2 options.

    1) if its a new store you haven't used before fuck off and leave it.

    2) use their ticket system to get a refund.

    Hope this helps some of you!

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    Do you call the bank that the card is from or always chase (sorry I'm a noob)
  5. TRAVO1374

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    I have a cti AAdvantage card i need to check limit on time also i have a hypercom ice5000 store machine can I use it to read and write

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