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  1. Kim

    Kim DWM MEMBER Member

    Whats the lowest WU you could do for me as a newbie
  2. The Hawk

    The Hawk TRUSTED SELLER Verified Seller

    Lowest 1500 for 200.
  3. kimcharles

    kimcharles DWM MEMBER Member

    AD3D3DD5-5939-44CB-BB72-76F2EFB865DF.jpeg This is dope bro,I gonna be buying from you every week,I was wrong about not trusting you I almost lost you
    These greens will go a long way
  4. umbrellaroad

    umbrellaroad DWM MEMBER Member

    Did u buy yet
  5. thuha2020

    thuha2020 DWM MEMBER Member

    Another cash out!!!!God bless you bro!!! 421CC455-FCC8-4FE6-8B5B-7961D71277C9.jpeg
  6. Johnny

    Johnny DWM MEMBER Member

    I want to buy cash app £2000,I’m getting the bitcoin,I will hit u up on icq in a moment.
  7. Steven44

    Steven44 DWM MEMBER Member

    I have paid $200 for western Union transfer,I’m waiting for results,I will comment with the progress later.
  8. Pankaj Kamble

    Pankaj Kamble DWM MEMBER Member

    U got the money Bro..?
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  9. Steven44

    Steven44 DWM MEMBER Member

    I got the money I have dealt with him 3 times so far.

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